Largest selection of TempurPedic mattresses

So what makes Tempur-pedic mattresses so great?  No one really knows.  It’s very much like the recipe for Coke-a- Cola.


For those that don’t know the history of memory foam it was created by NASA for their space shuttles. Tempur picked up the recipe and tweaked it so it could be used for mattresses.  They have tweaked it just enough that no one has been able to duplicate the feel even though companies have been trying for years.


Manufacturers have been adding Gel, Diamonds, Silver, and anything else they can think of to try and get memory foam to feel like Tempur material. Some of them have been able to make some really great mattresses.  I have the Sealy foam beds here and they are the best of the best. However, they still don’t have that Tempur-pedic feel.


If you are in the market for a new mattress please stop in and spend some time trying them out.